Most Commonly Selected Shape for Perfume Test Paper Strips
November 11, 2022

Perfume test strips are crafted in many different shapes. Most of the brands choose one to two different shapes of perfume test strips for their businesses. We here listed the most commonly used shapes of perfume tester papers for you:

1. Rectangle Perfume Test Strips

This shape is one of the most commonly used shape for perfume test strips. You may have already seen this shape in a perfumery store or an aroma shop. This shape of perfume test strips is easy to hold and easy for customers to spray perfume on and test the smell. This is also a good shape to print your brand logo on, which will increase your brand awareness for your potential customers.

2. Tapered Perfume Test Strips

Tapered strips are also called triangle shape strips, these are also one of the most commonly used shapes for perfume tester paper in aroma fragrance stores and perfume stores. This shape is with wide holding part where customers can easily hold, the top tapered part is relatively sharp, customers can easily spread the perfume on to smell. This is an elegant shape, most of the stores who choose to go with this tapered shape also choose to have their store name or brand logo printed on it. The width and length of the perfume test paper can also be customized based on the customer’s requirement.

3. Paddle Perfume Test Strips

The design of paddle shape test strips is inspired by the paddle. The root part is widened which enables customers to hold easily. The root part can also be printed with your brand logo or store name. Printing the logo has a significant impact on increasing your brand awareness. The top part of the paddle perfume strips is relatively narrow, the design enables people to smell the aroma easily.

4. Book Style Perfume Test Strips

Book shape perfume test strips is a new concept in recent years. This was designed out of the dilemma that traditional perfume strips are not portable-friendly. The traditional perfume tester paper shape such as rectangle strips, tapered strips, or paddle strips are easy to damage, therefore, the concept of book shape perfume test strips came to the market. This is basically adding a hardcover at the front and back for traditional perfume test strips. This prevents the damage of the aroma test paper on the way of transportation, this is also a clever solution if your need to meet your customers outside of your store. Just simply tear off one piece of perfume test strips from the book and test the perfume aroma, put the book back in your bag, there will be no damage to the remaining strips. Most people also choose to print their store name and brand logo on the front hardcover of the book, this is absolutely a great way to increase your brand awareness.

Above are the most commonly used shapes of perfume tester. Because the market of the perfume test strips is enlarging, there will be more and more trends for new perfume test paper strips. The new shapes will increase the use efficiency. Therefore, will keep updating the popular shapes for all the perfume and aroma stores.

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