How to Test Fragrance and Essential Oils with Perfume Testing Strips?
November 11, 2022

Perfume test paper strips are not only for testing perfumes but also used for testing essential oil and other fragrance. These strips help customers to avoid skin contact with the scents. In this way, customers avoid mixing scents and can sample more scents with higher accuracy.

Several shapes for fragrance tester strips are available in the market, such as rectangle strips, tapered strips, paddle strips, etc. Among these, the most commonly used shapes are rectangle and paddle shapes. The reason is that they are easy and convenient to hold the length of these strips are also suitable to spray the perfume on.

There are also different types of blotter paper used for perfume testing. Most commonly paper types are 0.4 thickness and 0.6 thickness. One common point of the paper types is that their aroma absorption ability is brilliant. Based on the budget and other factors, brands and stores make their choices to pick the suitable paper type.

Moreover, most brands and stores choose to put their logo on these strips to increase their brand name and brand impact. Brands and stores generally choose to print the logo on one side of the strip. We also support double-side printing, and colors can be various. You can also print your slogan and other information such as store address, contact on the strips to increase your brand awareness.

In, 70% of customers choose to print their logo on the strips. 50% of customers choose to order strips on a customized shape. We offer different packages based on customers’ requirements. Our customers are from all around the world, from international hotels to perfume and essential oil stores, from fragrance manufacturers to retail customers. All our customers receive qualified perfume test strips at an appropriate price with our “before and after purchase” support all the way.

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